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Shipping & Live Arrival Guarantee LAG

Shipping and General Information

  • All bugs are fed and hydrated after sorted and before shipping.
  • We are located in Northern California.
  • LOCAL PICKUP is available at checkout
  • We do not ship to Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico where it is illegal to do so. No international shipping. 
  • We offer USPS shipping
  • Shipping days are Monday through Thursday.
  • Orders may go out the same day if placed before noon. Orders after noon will go out the next day. Orders placed after noon Thursday will ship Monday unless in California. 
  • If home delivery, please make sure you are available for the package so it doesn't sit out. Your tracking number will give an estimated day of arrival. If you don't receive the tracking email the day your shipment should go out, please email us.


 Live Arrival Guarantee 

We will replace or refund roaches that are DOA and are more then the 10% overage we include with all shipments. To qualify for this guarantee the following needs to be met.

~ Check your cities temps.. if temps are expected above 90 or below 55 within 2-6 days after ordering, you must choose Post Office pickup. Cities closer to Northern California will get there faster at 1-2 days. 

      ~ If Post Office pickup and there is DOA over the overage of 10% we send, please send a clear picture or video of the entire order sent. This needs to be sent to us the same day as tracking shows the order is available for pickup.

~ If temps between 56 and 89 we can send to home with LAG. If there is DOA over the 10% overage, please send a clear picture or video of the entire order sent the same day of delivery.


 FAQ's - (more coming soon)

  • Why are there no products available? If we fill up with too many orders we may shut down in order to keep our stated shipping times.

Your privacy is important to us! 
Making a purchase requires that you supply your contact information (name-email-address-shipping address). When purchasing, you will create an account that will store your information, so the next time you shop with us, you will simply log in. Your information is strictly confidential. We use this for your convenience, and to process our orders only.

The information you provide to us will be used solely by us, to process your orders. We will not distribute, display or sell any information you entrust to us. We will not allow any third party access to your personal information unless forced to do so by law. We will not solicit you or contact you outside of order processing.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and concerns.
Thank you

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